15 Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

15 Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

Do you look at all that belly fat and stress over weight loss? Well, so do millions of men and women around the world. One of the most popularly asked questions on Google Search and other search engines is “How to Lose Weight”. And with the increasing number of weight-related health problems, this is to be expected.

Weight loss is a continuous process that progresses over a specified period of time over a consistent routine. If you maintain a persistent weight loss diet, then weight loss is relatively easy. But what if you are looking for the best way to lose weight quickly? Are you too worried about how to lose weight fast but do not want to diet? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

The ultimate question is whether or not you can lose weight unconventionally without dieting. The answer? Yes, you can, and that too by making simple changes in your lifestyle and without taking up a strict dieting routine.

In this article, we will discover 15 different ways of how to lose weight without dieting. But first, stop listening to that friend who went on an intensive dieting routine and is keen to help you the same way. There are 101 ways to lose weight, but remember dieting is not the one you chose. So to keep yourself from being double-minded, do not listen to dieting advices and keep your head straight.

1. Eat Breakfast Daily

A lot of people looking to lose weight make one very common but very costly mistake. They skip breakfast.Never, and I repeat, never skip breakfast. If you’re too worried about the calories in the parathas you consume during breakfast, then replace them with fat burning foods like avocado toast or a shot of apple cider vinegar with some herbal tea to speed up your metabolism.

Research has shown that people who eat breakfast have a comparatively lower BMI than those who skip it. Surprised? I was too when I first found out. But turns out, it is in fact true. People who eat breakfast have a faster and better functioning metabolism which helps them digest their meal quicker.

A low-fat breakfast is the best start of the day for your body and for your mental health.

2. Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Eat high volume and low-calorie fruits and vegetables and avoid those food groups that are higher in calories. Do not center your diet on meat, but replace it with veggies. Try replacing meaty meals with a vegetable salad or broth-based soup. Replace the meat in your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables and enrich your diet with plenty of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

3. Avoid Sweetened Drinks

You want sweetened tea and you want soft drinks, but we all know what you don’t want: those cursed calories. So from now onwards, whenever you are thirsty, drink sparkling water with citrus, drink plain water or drink chilled water, but avoid sweetened drinks at all costs.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

drinking water

People who do not sweat enough or do not partake in hard labor often do not feel thirsty at all. As a result, they do not drink enough water. Studies show that drinking water makes you feel full and prevents you from eating too much. Consequently, you tend to lose weight.

Refer to our blog about “7 Reasons You Are Drinking Water the Wrong Way” and work out how to factor water into your diet to make for efficient weight loss.

5. Whole Grains Are Your Best Friend

The faster way to fat loss is to substitute whole grains for refined grains. Exclude white bread, cakes, doughnuts, and cookies from your diet and replace them with brown rice, popcorn, oatmeal, and bran flakes so you are likely to eat a good portion of food instead of consuming too much sugar and little fiber.

Warning: Keep your hands off the cookie jar. Really, hands-off.

6. Exercise Regularly


Are you thinking about how to lose weight without losing muscle? The answer is exercise. If you refuse to diet and want to know how to lose weight without working out then you’re in for slow and negligible progress. Workout and diet go hand in hand for healthy weight loss, but if you refuse to pursue one, you definitely have to pursue the other. To exercise regularly is the faster way to fat loss.

7. Do Not Sit and Eat in Front of a TV or Computer

When you’re eating distractedly, you keep no count of the number of calories you consume. Avoid watching your favorite drama during dinner time and keep your phone away when you’re eating. To be mindful of what you eat is your first step towards weight loss.

8. Sleep Well at Night

baby sleeping

Read our article about “Why is Sleep Important? Proven Tips to Help You Sleep Fast” and find out exactly how sleep helps in weight loss. You can have a shot of apple cider vinegar weight loss drink before you go to sleep and have seven to eight hours of sleep every day for healthy weight loss.

9. Eat Small Portions

I know, I know, eating small portions of food can be difficult when you have your favorite meal waiting to be scarfed down by you. But overeating will eventually take its toll on your health. Eating small portions will help you keep your blood sugar under control and save your from gastric problems.

10. Walk the Calories Away


Walking is an important part of the weight loss process. You can’t sit all day binging on avocados and expecting to lose weight. Walk. Even if you only walk around your house to do simple chores, walk and set higher targets for your step count with each passing day.

11. Say No to Late Night Snacks

Late-night snacks do not only ruin your sleeping schedule but they also completely destroy your weight loss progress. So sleep on time and avoid eating that leftover chocolate cake from the fridge at two in the morning.

12. Drink Black Tea

drinking black tea

Studies show that black tea has proven to be an effective weight-loss aid. Tannin present in black tea will keep your digestive system running smoothly and speed up your metabolism. Read our blog “Is Drinking Black Tea Good For You?” to find out more about the effects of black tea on your health.

13. Use Darker Plates

Use dark red plates for unhealthy snacks. Research proves that the color red will somehow portray the amount of food on your plate larger than it actually is, hence you will consume less of it thinking it is too much.

14. Avoid Stress

avoid stress

Stress is a common reason why people turn to comfort food. Read up about it in our blog “What is Emotional Eating and How to Overcome It?” to discover how stress and anxiety can lead you to binge on unhealthy snacks at odd hours of the day.

15. Stick to Your Plan

Now whether you are turning to high-intensity workouts for weight loss or drawing up extensive diet plans, here’s a tip: stick to it. On and off weight loss can do more harm to your body than good and will ultimately put you off weight loss once and for all.



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