7 Reasons you are drinking water in the wrong way

7 Reasons you are drinking water in the wrong way

Yes you read it correctly, 99% of people have a wrong way of drinking water suggested by one of the studies. Water is very important for our survival. Biological facts says that 70% of our body is made up of water. It is very important for the absorption of nutrients(like calcium,magnesium,sodium,copper etc) in our body.

Water plays an essential role in our life and its important for us to understand the right way of drinking water in order to multiply the benefits of it.

Here is the list of 7 Mistakes you are making in drinking water.

1.  Gulping down the water in a large amount

Are you one of those who gulp larger amount of water when you are thirsty ?

If yes then you need to correct this habit because whenever you drink water very quickly, your stomach gets filled up with water and most of it gets shunt out of the body in the form of urine without accepting the nutrients.

It also leads to indigestion as the saliva gets diluted and not able to stimulate the gastric juices required at the time of digestion.

How to Correct this problem ?

  • Instead of gulping the water sip it slowly and in small quantity.
  • Avoid bottle with wide mouth use glass or sipper instead.


2.  Drinking water immediately after a big meal

It is so much satisfying to drink water immediately after the meal but do you know how much it affects the body ?

It dilutes the gastric juices which can result in malfunctioning of digestive system due to which you will face bloating and gastric problem throughout the day.

How to Correct this problem ?

  • Drink water at least 40 mins prior or one hour after a meal. 


3. Drinking too much water

Don’t follow the rule of “the more, the better” when it comes to drinking water. 


Sodium is present in our blood as an electrolyte which helps to regulate the amount of water in and around your cells. Drinking too much water can dilute this sodium element which leads to swelling of cells, this is known as Hyponatremia.

This can lead to many problems like low energy level, headache, weakness, irritability, muscle spasms, nausea, confusion and even coma in extreme conditions.


4. Drinking ice-cold water

Do you often after coming back from office run towards the refrigerator and grab a chilled water to quench your thirst ?

If yes, you should stop doing this because it shrinks the blood vessels which restricts the digestion process. It can solidify the fat portion of your food and making it hard to break down.

There are also many problems seen by drinking cold water like sore throat, joint pains and may also slow down your heart rate.

How to Correct this problem ?

  • Drink room temperature water.
  • If you still want to drink cold water you should start using Earthen Pots, a natural water cooler which removes impurities from water and boost your metabolism as well. 


5. Drinking water while standing

In your day to day life you might be so busy that you are always in a rush for each and everything and even in a hurry for drinking water that you might be drinking water while standing, walking or even running.

Drinking water while standing can affect your kidney functioning as its not able to filter properly. Muscles and nerves are not relaxed in a standing position which makes it difficult for your nerves to quickly digest the fluids.

It can also become the cause of joint pains and arthritis. 


6. Drinking water at the end of your morning routine

Do u wake up late in the morning and rush to the washroom to get ready and drink water after having your breakfast ?

If it is so then you are making a big mistake everyday because when you wake up, your mouth is full of saliva which is actually helpful in the digestion process.

Ingesting this saliva ensures healthy digestion throughout your day.


7.  Drinking a glass of water before Bed

Studies suggest that having a glass of water before bed is good for your health as it boosts your metabolism, blood circulation etc but do your sleep cycle interrupts as you wake up at night for urine ?

It is recommended that you should drink water at least one hour before going to bed. It keeps you hydrated throughout the night.

Water is an essential element for your body and can benefit you when consumed in the right way and always keep in mind the above mentioned points the next time you drink water.



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